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Tools for Payroll, HR, and Finance Professionals

It's your job to make sure your team is paid correctly and on time. But what happens to payroll if you finally take that vacation you've more than earned?

We understand the difficulty of managing a payroll process across different systems - that’s why we designed payroll products specifically for you and your industry.



Improve your payroll accuracy by eliminating error-prone spreadsheets and manual data entry
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Protect yourself from unplanned audits and lawsuits
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Save time with automated calculations
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Understand performance and analyze real-time data
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Be assured you are in compliance with government and union regulations and labor laws

Our Solutions


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Don't see your industry?

Connect your time, payroll, ERP, or other employee systems,
regardless of vendor or industry.


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We'll be there for you.

We understand that if payroll goes down, it's an emergency. Our highly-accessible Support Team and your dedicated IDI Account Manager will be there to support you.

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About us

35+ Years Building Solutions That Save Time And Money

"IDI's salary allocation solution is doing exactly what we need it to do. It’s super fast and super easy. I no longer have to do that calculation manually. Saves me hours every pay period."

Amanda McCombs, Controller

"IDI's Certified Payroll Reporting solution saves me a lot of time. Two days’ worth of work compared to spreadsheets!"

Alice Fuksova, Payroll

"IDI's retro average weighted overtime rate solution saves me hours’ worth of work of having to do the calculation of looking back for monthly bonuses."

Angela Turner, Payroll Accounting Specialist
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"I would recommend IDI to anyone who needs import/export help. The punch times integration solution is very simple to use and saves me both time and money - 5 to 10 hours’ worth of work each week."

Elizabeth Mizell, HR Administrator

How It Works

Because our solutions are customized to your organization and your industry, we want to make sure we fully understand your needs and provide personalized solutions that can grow with your business. Here's how it works.

1. Pre-Evaluation

Complete a Pre-Evaluation.

2. Consultation

Speak with an IDI Sales Consultant to identify the solution(s) that are right for you with your other HCM systems.

3. Meet your Team

Meet your implementation team and get Implemented remotely.

After your solution is implemented and tested, our Technical Support Team and your IDI Account Manager will be there to Support you on an ongoing basis.

What You’ll Get

More time back in your work week.

Cost-savings by streamlining processes across multiple systems.

Compliance with government and union regulations.

Less stressful payrolls.