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Manufacturing Central

Streamline Compensation Processes and Focus on Production

Workforce Management Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

It isn't just about quality and quantity of output. Teamwork, planning, decision making, and problem solving are required of your workforce in the manufacturing industry. To attract and retain workers with all of these skills, your company offers incentive-based compensation systems.

Although incentive policies are necessary to compete for talent, managing employee job rates based on variable pay rates, while staying in compliance with Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and union requirements, continues to become more challenging. Everyone is counting on you, and you don't want to let them down.

IDI understands the complexities of adhering to these requirements, especially if you have processes across multiple systems that don't scale. We have solutions that will help you offload compliance tasks, saving you time and money while preventing errors that lead to lawsuits.

Do thoughts like these keep you up at night?

A union grievance was filed against your company.

Your company failed an audit.

More incentive policies are being adopted and you're already overwhelmed.

You'll never be able to get off of spreadsheets.

You only thought you couldn't automate production planning and compliance tasks

With IDI's Manufacturing Industry suite of solutions, you can:

  • Save time and prevent errors by automating the import of employee in/out punch times, non-worked hours, and production information (e.g., pieces, or amounts) from other systems.
  • Avoid Department of Labor violations by automating the calculation of specific rates of pay, including any premiums and benefit earnings, based on union, location, job and incentive pay as well as the calculation of the weekly average rate of pay used for all overtime hours to comply with FLSA guidelines.
  • Save time by eliminating dual entry and integrating the labor information from your time and attendance system with your production planning ERP.


We understand your industry and have been developing HCM solutions for the manufacturing industry for many years. Our Time and Attendance, Payroll, ERP, and Time Clock partners are successful by focusing on what they do best. What we do best is seamlessly tie them all together!

Read about a how one manufacturing client found success

A Few of Our Manufacturing Industry Solutions

Piece Rate Logic

minimum wage guarantee, group rate calculations

Step Pay Logic

or wage progression

Importing Punches or Production Information from other systems into a Time and Attendance System

How it Works

1. Pre-Evaluation

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2. Consultation

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3. Meet your Team

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After your solution is implemented and tested, our Technical Support Team and your IDI Account Manager will be there to support you on an ongoing basis.

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"The IDI solution is working great. Your team was very helpful in getting us setup and running as well as assisting us in getting the process fully automated. It's a life saver and works just the way we had hoped."

Brandy Wheaton, Payroll

See what Our Clients are Saying

"Our IDI integration solution between Time and Attendance and Epicor is very seamless, very painless. It performs flawlessly, and I have not had an issue. Not a single problem."

Greg Page, Payroll

"I would recommend IDI to anyone who needs import/export help. The punch times integration solution is very simple to use, and I've never had any issues with the functionality. It saves me both time and money - 5 to 10 hours' worth of work each week."

Elizabeth Mitchell, HR Administrator