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Non-Profit Central

Focus On The Mission, Not On Spreadsheets

Workforce Management Solutions for the Non-Profit Industry

Funding sources require accurate accounting of time and dollars spent on their grant. Audits are a matter of when, not if. You need to be able to quickly provide actual labor and expense reports, and have confidence in how it compares to the award budget. And you don't need any surprises!

IDI's GrantAlytics is the only grant (or other funds) budgeting and management solution fully integrated with your time & payroll modules. With our dashboard, you'll get real-time visibility into the status of each of your funds' labor and non-labor expenses to make better spending decisions that can easily be justified to funding sources.

Do thoughts like these keep you up at night?

You fail an audit.

Your funds run out before the work is done.

Your projections aren't accurate.

You don't have a good way to track outcomes.

You lose grants, or funds, because you didn't have the right information at the right time to take corrective action.

How IDI Can Help

IDI can automate your time-consuming processes and help prevent audit anxiety!

We understand your industry and have been developing HCM solutions for the non-profit industry for many years. Our Time and Attendance and Payroll partners are successful by focusing on what they do best. What we do best is use that labor information to give you clarity on how grants are performing and why with actual data, so you don't have to rely on estimates.


With our Non-Profit solutions, you can:

  • Achieve better visibility of labor effort, funding balances, and wage allocations across grants, or funds.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Increase inbound funding, or win more grants.
  • Increase confidence in justifying your grant performance.
  • Increase your ability to quickly deliver accurate reports.
  • Track grant or project related milestones and outcomes.

A few of our Non-Profit Industry Solutions

Salary Allocations Across Grants

or other funds

PTO/Overtime Allocations to Grants

or other funds

FLSA Overtime Logic

semi-monthly, prior period, or OT redistribution

How it Works

1. Pre-Evaluation

Complete a Pre-Evaluation.

2. Consultation

Get on a call with an IDI Sales Consultant to identify the solution(s) that are right for you with your other HCM systems.

3. Meet your Team

Meet your implementation team and get Implemented remotely.


After your solution is implemented and tested, our Technical Support Team and your IDI Account Manager will be there to support you on an ongoing basis.

See our supported systems.

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Let's Get Started

Are you ready to go from feeling anxious to confident that you'll be able to take corrective action before it's too late?
Let us know what time and payroll systems you are currently using, or would like to use, how many active grants (or projects) your organization has, and how you're managing your funds today so we can begin the evaluation.
Are you ready to be freed up to change the world?
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"I've been really happy with IDI's salary allocation solution. It's saving me a lot of time –three or four hours every payroll. And it removes the chance for error."

Shelly Worden, Fiscal Specialist

See what Our Clients are Saying

"GrantAlytics is awesome! I love getting off of spreadsheets! And being able to pull reports by cost number, enter new expenses, and see how things are going against the budget. And the dashboard is really convenient and easy to use!"

Brianna Audibert, Senior Accountant

"I love, love, love this program for allocating time spent on grants. It works perfectly! Thank you all so much!"

Mary Hutchison, Payroll