Solution providers face an increasing demand from their clients to smoothly integrate any new purchase with the client’s existing systems AND address all of their business rules and other policies. Many vendors have learned from experience that integration with products from other software vendors and internal custom development is support-intensive, drains development resources, and creates an ever growing demand for interface maintenance.

Most vendors avoid these problems by leaving the complexities of integration development to their client, to the detriment of sales and client satisfaction. IDI has created a unique production process that develops, delivers, and supports semi-custom integration solutions via Time Bank or other IDI products to transfer data among hundreds of software applications.  Our business model, continuously improved over thousands of client installations includes:

  • Flexible, scalable products
  • Proven, repeatable processes
  • Skilled, experienced personnel
  • Strong, professional partners and technical alliances

A potential partner of IDI will have recognized its own challenges in addressing some client requests and the opportunities in meeting those challenges.

  • Extending existing product lines
  • Accelerating client implementations and revenue recognition
  • Increasing sales of existing products
  • Eliminating costly manual entry and/or custom development for clients
  • Improving client retention

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