Manage The Complexities of Construction Payroll

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Stay Compliant on Government-Funded Jobs and Union Contracts

What is Contractor Central?

Contractor Central is a comprehensive web-based application that was developed specifically for the construction industry to ensure accurate contractor pay and strict compliance with federal, state or local regulations for government-funded construction projects. Automated wage decision logic eliminates human error associated with the spreadsheets typically used by payroll departments.

You will finally be able to benefit from the tax and other compliance benefits of outsourced payroll AND understand your True Project Cost with accurate data in your ERP.

Comply With Davis Bacon Act, Accommodate Union Wage and Fringe Benefit Decision Logic

Contractor Central’s flexible, project-specific user screens accommodate the wage and benefit complexities of Davis Bacon Act, Service Contract Act, and Union Contracts.

By reducing your vulnerability to violations and lawsuits by performing payroll in-house, and running your projects more efficiently, you’ll be able to take on more government projects and drive more revenue.

How Does it Work?

Built on Time Bank’s powerful engine, Contractor Central offers flexible configuration options and integrates with your existing time and attendance software to retrieve employee time to jobs and projects.

Contractor Central’s four main functions provide accurate pay, compliance and true project costs in just minutes:

ONE: Project Maintenance

Intuitive project and rate maintenance screens for project managers setting up new government-funded or union-based jobs, as well as the payroll team back at the office.

Easy-to-Use Maintenance Screens Give You:

  • One-time entry for new project information
  • Access to project data from your ERP to eliminate dual entry
  • Intuitive screens for all data needed for Certified Payroll Reports
  • Rate tables for Davis Bacon and Union rates and benefits
  • Effective dated rates for duration of the contract

TWO: Wage Determination

One-click operations to automate pre-payroll wage and benefit decisions to minimize risk and stay in compliance with contracts, ensuring that you get the right pay to the right people at the right time.

Wage Decision Logic Benefits:

  • Determine hourly wage for each project worked
  • Determine hourly benefit rates for each project worked
  • Apply rules to pay highest rate (prevailing, union, base rate)
  • Calculate weekly average Overtime Rate (FLSA)

THREE: HCM & ERP Integration

Integration with your existing Human Capital Management (HCM) and ERP systems to create post-payroll Certified Payroll Reports and exchange General Ledger and Job Cost level details (including benefit burden) between outsourced Payroll and ERPs (e.g. Sage300CRE/Timberline and Acumatica).

Integrations Allow You To:

  • Send post-payroll results from outsourced HCM to ERP
  • Review GL Journal mappings
  • Report on project/job cost details more accurately
  • Understand wages, taxes, and burden costs from payroll
  • Assign benefit burden of non-payroll expenses to each job (e.g. medical, dental, 401k)

FOUR: Certified Payroll Reports

Peace of mind from knowing that you’ve paid all your employees correctly for Davis Bacon work, and that the post-payroll reporting and data transfer to the ERP is accurate, and automating the creation of your Certified Payroll Reports for greater efficiency and accuracy.

Reporting features include:

  • Retrieval of post-payroll results to generate federal, state and local reports
  • Preview of all reports before printing, signing and submitting to government agencies
  • Editing abilities to modify a prior report without re-running full payroll
  • E-files for applicable reports


Download the Contractor Central Overview

Who Should Use It?

  • The payroll department of Construction companies that work on a minimum of $1MM in government construction projects or have union employees

How Does it Benefit You?

  • Better compliance
  • 100% accurate Certified Payroll reporting
  • Understanding of True Project Costs
  • Automated wage decision logic for accurate pay
  • Integration with HCM, ERP, and payroll
  • Ability to easily manage new project entry and pay rate schedules

What Are Users Saying?

“I love the Prevailing Wage/Certified Payroll Reporting solution! It’s working great and is a huge time saver, saving me days’ worth of work!” —Laura Mitchell, RPMx Construction

“Before we started with IDI a few years ago we didn’t have as many prevailing wage jobs, but then it started increasing and got bigger than we could handle on our own. Now the payroll batch that comes in is good to go!” —Kim McLain, DriveKore, Inc.

Build Compliance Into Every Job

If you’re looking for a Davis Bacon Act Certified Payroll solution that also meets FLSA standards and accommodates union and fringe wage decision logic, look no further.

Sign up for a demo to see how easy it is to generate accurate, timely reports and stay compliant with federal and state wage and overtime regulations.

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