Solutions Overview

Solutions OverviewIDI’s business is based on extending the capabilities of a client’s workforce management system.  Over the last 25 years we have continuously monitored the functionality of various vendors’ applications to determine where we can deliver complementary functionality within our Time Bank, Quick Time Entry or other IDI developed products.  Our goal is to provide an automated solution(s) to your organization’s manual or otherwise time consuming processes.

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Many of our proven products are targeted at specific industries which have business and technical needs not commonly available in packaged workforce management systems including:


Non Profit
  • Allocation of salary earnings by grant, fund, project, etc.
  • Time Entry by percentages (vs. traditional hours by day)
  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) compliance solutions for biweekly, semi-monthly payrolls or prior period adjustments

IDI Supports Non-Profits

Professional Services

Professional Services
  • Importing time or earnings from external system (e.g. CRM) into Time&Attendance or Payroll Systems
  • Bonus / Commission calculations
  • HR Integration to synchronize employee masterfile data
  • Entering project time for salaried employees

  Watch this short video to see how IDI can help your Professional Services organization

Manufacturing / Agriculture

Manufacturing / Agriculture
  • Importing time and production data from an external system (e.g. shopfloor) into Time&Attendance or Payroll Systems
  •  Piece Rate, Step Pay or other incentive based logic
  • Accommodating Union Rules for pay rates and annual contract changes
  • Entering hours and amounts (e.g. pieces/widgets) into payroll

Watch this short video to learn how IDI can help automate your Certified Payroll Reports.


  • Mobile data collection integration
  • Certified Payroll Reports
  • Prevailing Wage / Fringe Rate solutions
  • Job Cost system integration
  • Entering paper-based or Excel timesheets into payroll for certified jobs

Watch this short video to learn how IDI can help automate your Certified Payroll Reports.

Restaurant / Hospitality

Restaurant / Hospitality
  • Integrating employee time and tip data into Time&Attendance or Payroll
  • Tip Pooling policy automation

Many of the above solutions are delivered with our proven Time Bank technology that is configured to meet your organization’s specific needs.  Please contact us to learn more about how we can help.