What is Time Bank?


Time Bank is an application designed to connect multiple employee systems and provide customized
functionality. The product’s template-driven integration engine combines years of application knowledge and experience with industry-standard development tools and techniques with the capability to accommodate direct database integration, web services, XML, and various ASCII based files. Time Bank has been implemented in hosted, network server, and terminal server environments. Each Time Bank installation may include one or many “links” between employee data systems such as payroll, HR, accounting packages, or time and attendance.

Time Bank currently helps exchange data between over 250 different systems and counting.  If your system is not listed, contact us and we can leverage our industry relationships and domain knowledge to quickly investigate, design and develop a solution for you.

Benefits of Time Bank

Reduce Costs

  • Eliminate duplicate entry in multiple systems
  • Minimize manual data validation

Reduce Errors

  • Eliminate mistakes caused by human error
  • Ensure data mappings and business rules are consistent for the entire company

Premium Service and Support

  • Our experienced staff of professionals has delivered high quality, cost-effective service and support to thousands of companies.  We share a commitment to premium service and customer support for the life of the solution.

Free Upgrades

  • Time Bank’s service agreement assures your integration software will always be updated to manage any changes due to connecting systems’ version upgrades

Time Bank Online Overview

So now you’ve determined you could benefit from automated data transfer:

Ask your self the Easy Question: Can We Develop the Data Integration Ourselves?

While your internal IT staff may be able to produce a workable interface, production time, learning curves, programming, testing, documentation, and debugging are very time-consuming; tying up your business-critical resources for an extended period.

Now ask your self the more strategic Questions:  Should We Devote Critical Resources to Building Data Integration?

Our proven Time Bank has 25+ years and 25000 installations behind it.  Our technical staff is dedicated to continuous investment in keeping current on system version changes in the industry and focused on application integration — period.  Having internal resources become subject matter experts on your connecting systems vs. focusing on business-critical tasks can prove to be very expensive.

And Who will Support the Data Flows when Vendor’s Systems Change?

Software upgrades to accommodate system version changes can pull your IT staff from existing projects and strain resources when a simple modification turns into a project.Our dedicated and experienced staff of professionals has established processes to deliver the necessary Time Bank updates when your version changes to avoid interruption of critical payroll or other data transfer.

How Time Bank works

For many data flows, Time Bank can run as an automated scheduled event.  For others, Time Bank works with a few clicks of your mouse to transfer your critical data and business rules from one system to another.

At its most basic level, Time Bank works in a three-step process:

  1. Reads data from source system
  2. Applies your specific business rules and other data translations
  3. Sends the results to the destination system

What makes Time Bank unique is its flexibility to send and receive data directly from web services, database tables, standard flat files (ASCII), XML and other formats, and power to reliably apply complex calculations and data translations based on your company’s policies (e.g. seniority rates of pay, FLSA compliance, multiple site processing, etc.).

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