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Better Visibility for Accurate Invoicing, Reporting, and Compliance

Workforce Management Solutions for the Professional Services Industry

Professional Services firms need accurate visibility into where employees are spending their time across projects, jobs, or clients for accurate invoicing, profitability and labor reporting, and compliance. And you don't need any surprises!

IDI's suite of solutions for the Professional Services Industry is the only wage allocation solution fully integrated with your time and payroll systems. Save time and money by automating the allocation of salaried earnings across projects or clients and automating the transfer of investment data into payroll. Avoid Department of Labor fines by automating adjustments of overtime earnings for employees paid bonuses or commissions in a prior pay period.

Do thoughts like these keep you up at night?

You face a lawsuit because of overlooked overtime regulations.

Your projections aren't accurate.

You'll never be able to get off of spreadsheets or eliminate dual entry across systems.

How IDI Can Help

IDI can automate your time-consuming processes and help prevent audit anxiety!

We understand your industry and have been developing HCM solutions for the professional services industry for many years. Our Time and Attendance and Payroll partners are successful by focusing on what they do best. What we do best is use that labor information to give you clarity on how much effort is applied to your clients or projects with actual data, so you don't have to rely on estimates.


With our Professional Services Industry solutions, you can:

  • Eliminate error-prone spreadsheet calculations by automating labor effort and wage allocations across projects or clients.
  • Stay compliant with FLSA overtime guidelines by automating the proper overtime rate calculations with look back adjustments for overtime eligible employees who receive monthly, quarterly, or annual bonuses.
  • Increase your ability to quickly deliver accurate reports.
  • Eliminate dual entry by integrating vendor systems for employee financial data (e.g., Fidelity) and payroll/HR.

Read about how one professional services client found success.

A Few of Our Professional Services Industry Solutions

Complex Commission and Bonus Logic

Retro FLSA Logic

Salary Allocations Across Clients (or Projects)

PTO/Overtime Allocations Across Clients (or Projects)

How it Works

1. Pre-Evaluation

Complete a Pre-Evaluation.

2. Consultation

Talk with an IDI Sales Consultant to identify the solution(s) that are right for you with your other HCM systems.

3. Meet your Team

Meet your implementation team and get Implemented remotely.

After your solution is implemented and tested, our Technical Support Team and your IDI Account Manager will be there to support you on an ongoing basis.

See our Supported systems.

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Let's Get Started

Are you ready for more accurate invoicing, reporting, and compliance so you'll be able to pass a government audit?
Let us know what time, payroll and investment systems you are currently using, or would like to use, so we can begin the evaluation.
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"IDI’s retro average weighted rate solution saves me hours' worth of work of having to do the calculation - a one month and a two month look back for bonuses."

Angela Turner, Payroll Accounting Specialist

See What Our Clients are Saying


"IDI’s salary allocation solution is doing exactly what we need it to do. It’s super fast and super easy. I no longer have to do that calculation manually. Saves me hours every pay period."

Amanda McCombs, Controller