Implementing Saas Solutions

In addition to high quality products, IDI takes great pride in making sure our solutions are implemented and tested to your satisfaction. We are a Software as a Service company that doesn’t believe in “throwing product over the wall” and expect your team to become experts on data integration to use our software.  Our team of experts and our partners are trained to work with you to complete the analysis required to design and implement a solution that is tailored to fit your needs.

Over the last 20+ years, we have continued to improve our product and processes to streamline the implementation of IDI solutions. Whether you purchase an IDI solution from one of our business partners or directly from us, a trained Implementation Specialist will work with you every step of the way. Your assigned specialist will follow a proven, structured process to ensure your company’s rules are incorporated into the IDI solution, so that the final product meets your business and technical needs.

Time Bank Implementation

Time Bank is an application designed to connect multiple employee systems and provide customized

Step 1: Analysis Step 2: Design Step 3: Configuration Step 4: Testing & Training Step 5: Go Live

Step 1: Analysis

In an initial conversation, we discuss your current situation, any integration or process pain points and explore how IDI can streamline your systems data flow(s).  We leverage knowledge gained from our 25,000+ prior clients to discuss best practices with your specific products.

Typical timeframe: 1-2 conference calls

Step 2: Design

Your assigned Implementation Specialist will document your business rules, data translation needs and other requirements so they can design the appropriate IDI Time Bank or other solution to best help your organization. Once you approve the detailed design specification, the IDI solution will be configured.

Typical timeframe: 2-10 business days based on scope and customized needs for your IDI solution(s).

Step 3: Configuration

Since IDI specializes in delivering packaged solutions, the software’s flexible parameters will be configured to meet your requirements. You are provided a customized solution without custom development, which makes IDI solutions much easier to configure, install, test and support.

Typical timeframe: 10-20 business days

Step 4: Testing & Training

Our relationships with other software vendors have enabled us to create a laboratory with dozens of software packages to test your IDI solution prior to delivery. When your IDI software is installed, it has already been thoroughly tested and only needs to be verified in your environment with your specific data. After the solution is installed and tested, the implementation specialist will spend the appropriate time to show you how to use your IDI Time Bank or other solution.

Typical timeframe: 2-4 weeks.

Step 5: Go Live

That’s it. Enjoy the accuracy, flexibility, long-term compatibility, and other benefits of automation that IDI Time Bank and other IDI solutions offer.  If you have any technical support issues or business rule changes after go-live, you can contact our amazing support teams to discuss how we can help.

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