We believe in supporting your IDI solution(s) for the life of the relationship whether you purchase from one of our business partners or directly from us.  We are committed to providing access to a trained support specialist to help you resolve your technical issues related to your IDI application and go back to focusing on your business.

When purchasing your IDI solution through a Partner:

If you purchased Time Bank or another IDI solution from one of our current partners, please contact them and their trained support specialists for any support issues related to their products and the IDI solution. We continually invest in training our partners on all aspects of Time Bank and our other products to ensure your critical data systems transfer data without interruption.  Your cases will be escalated to IDI if they cannot resolve your issue or reconfigure the IDI solution to meet your service request and you will receive many of the same benefits listed below.

When purchasing your IDI solution directly from us:

Premier customer service for a Time Bank or other IDI solution purchased directly from us is provided throughout the life of the interface.  Benefits of IDIs’ support services include:

Technical Support

Email SupportEmail Support
Phone SupportPhone Support
Remote Connection Support: to troubleshoot an issue.Remote Connection Support: to troubleshoot an issue.
Documentation SupportDocumentation Support: Online documents include detailed troubleshooting tips.

FREE upgrades when you upgrade connecting systems.

Time BankYou are ensured uninterrupted operation over time. You will receive free Time Bank or other IDI solution upgrades whenever your connecting systems manufacturer upgrades to versions that affect the operation of your IDI product(s). Since most systems are upgraded every 1-2 years, this guaranteed long-term reliability can reduce the ROI of IDI solutions to a few pay periods!

Discounts on system changes.

DiscountsWe support hundreds of different systems. When you switch to a different vendor, or purchase a new application you would like integrated with your existing infrastructure, we will modify the IDI solution to work with your new systems and you won’t have to purchase a new IDI product.

Discounts on business rule changes.

DiscountsWhen your company’s pay rules or other requirements change with your business (e.g. employee capacity increases, adding new locations/sites, etc.), IDI technical support provides you with substantial discounts on the cost of IDI solution modifications.